Last month we released a new plugin - Redmine Reporter - for exporting Issues as PDF reports. Next week, we'll hold a free webinar to showcase how it works, and how to get the most out of it. .

If you need a plugin to export Redmine issues as PDF - Redmine Reporter is definitely worth checking. It creates reports from single and multiple issues, search queries, and can include field data, time spent, and notes.

Next thing worth mentioning is that now it's easier to share tasks and their details with the clients, board or project sponsors. You don't need to let them inside Redmine but can safely share exported reports via safe link or email.

It's using Liquid - a template language developed by the Shopify team. What it enables you, is preparing the templates faster and easier in the first place. It also allows you to use math operations, and this is a great entry point to turn Issue's data, such a spent or estimated time to generate a report with financial data - such as expenses plan, invoice or a payroll. That broadens the use of Reporter plugin for reporting and invoicing.

To let you start with the plugin faster, and discover the possibilities it offers, we're organizing a webinar next week. We'd have two sessions to let our users from any country make it. If your team wants a personal webinar, drop us a line at

Tuesday, 18.12.2018

Morning: 9:30 AM CET (GMT +1)

Afternoon: 5:00 PM CET / 8 AM PST / 10 AM CST / 11 EST

Points that we'll cover:
  • Creating and sharing reports
  • Aggregated reports for multiple issues
  • Creating printable QR code cards for planning
  • Contracts based on custom fields and Issue data
  • Issue times sheets, Invoices, and expenses, Payrolls
  • Installation
  • Set up: public links and templates
  • Template syntax: math operations, objects, fields, arrays

Even if you register and won't make it on the event, you'll be able to access the recording later.

See you at the webinar!