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Managing product categories
Tab Categories in Administration -> Products allows you to add, modify or delete categories fo...
Queries and filters
You can use different filtering options for displaying data in Products.
Products can be easily imported and exported.
Access management
Like for any other plugin, in order to modify permissions for Products (and Orders) you should go...
Relation with deals and invoices - how to add products as invoice lines and deal lines
To use products in your invoice,go to invoice's view and click Edit. In the Invoicing lines secti...
Products plugin settings
Go to Administration -> Products, you will find settings for this plugin.
RedmineUP self-service guide
If you have come to this page, then something terribly wrong has happend to your Redmine. But ple...
Add new order
In order to add a new order, first of all, Orders module has to be enabled. To do this, go to pro...