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Redmine installation on Ubuntu 18.04
This manual will help you to install fresh Redmine version from sources to Ubuntu server.
How to fix issues with SSL certificate?
This article is about the following errors:
How to receive emails?
In short, you need the following to receive mail:
How to set up outgoing mail settings and send an answer to a customer's ticket?
This article covers briefly everything from configuration to first email response.
Block issue closing
To block issues from being closed while there are still unchecked items in their Checklist, you c...
Tagging products
Tags can be now added to Products. On the Products page, every Product will appear together with ...
Browsing orders by contact custom fields
You can browse Orders by the data in your Custom fields assigned to contacts. You can add new or ...
Sales charts
Sales charts are available in PRO version of the plugin since Products release 2.0.5.