Redmine vs Jira in 2022: Full Comparison. Which is the Best?

 |  Nov 21, 22


It is pointless to deny that the Jira platform is still the number one project management software in terms of the number of users worldwide. .

Still, if a person is foaming at the mouth to prove you that every Jira’s client is over the moon by the application’s performance, think twice before you agree.

Originally conceived as a bug tracking system, Jira has developed into a market giant. But with robust expansion and fame inevitably come vulnerabilities, and those who do not admit it completely disregard the truth. Jira has become heavy-weighted, intricate and inefficient for small and medium-sized enterprises.

On the other scale, we have user-friendly Redmine. Written in Ruby, this open-source project management tool is a way easier to apply and far less expensive to maintain (its default version at no cost at all). However, there is always the reverse side: in the case of Redmine, an outdated interface coupled with weak support.


So, a reasonable question: how to choose the best solution in 2022? Let’s skip basic lengthy descriptions of what these two applications look like and are capable of, as you have probably googled this, and cut straight to the chase.

With the help of this material you will learn:

Jira’s Benefits

  • API (Application Programming Interface)
  • Endless extensions (Jira possesses more than 100 ready-to-use free add-ins and, not to mention, an opportunity to write your own)
  • Agile methodology (Jira has not only excellent task and time trackers but quite useful Agile reports and analytics)
  • Great customization capabilities (Jira can be incorporated into various business areas or used for personal needs)
  • IOS and Android apps (they are just as functional as the web versions)

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Jira’s Disadvantages

  • Feature-heaviness (Jira is unnecessarily overloaded and cannot be introduced into every workflow)
  • Fake Agile (Jira is hard to modify once it is set up which potentially turns to a real pitfall for those teams who do not agree to squeeze their unique vision into Jira’s development)
  • Vendor lock-in (getting off Jira’s needle is extremely difficult despite all its possible drawbacks)
  • Lack of personal approach (due to its large number of users Jira more frequently starts to remind “fast” management, so waiting for real-time feedback on code issues becomes an illusion)
  • Decrease in performance (although it is well-known for collaborating with such big sharks as NASA or eBay, the soft cannot boast its high speed)


Redmine’s Benefits

  • User-friendly interface (Redmine is famous for handy, quite intuitive interface with a variety of free themes which also may be created by users themselves)
  • Open code (Redmine may be easily modified according to customers’ needs and, thus, become truly flexible)
  • Upgraded security system (Redmine’s regular updates and the opportunity to find and fix bugs on your own leads to a great level of data privacy protection)
  • Integrations with code repositories and other apps (speaking of the possibilities of connection, Redmine beats the Atlassian brainchild and other PM solutions)
  • Tight-knit community (Redmine’s loyal fanbase is ready to help communicating via well-functioning wikis and forums)

Redmine’s Disadvantages

  • Need for additional plugins (Redmine lacks Jira’s in-built features like Agile that a team should purchase individually)
  • Outdated interface (if you seek aesthetics, Redmine is not your cup of tea, since its main focus is functionality)
  • Lack of professional support (all the communication takes place through wikis and forums and this may be problematic in case a client far from IT has no idea how to tackle a specific issue)
  • Installation problems (it is possible to face difficulties while setting up Redmine without a technically savvy person)
  • Running costs (although the default version is free, it does not mean that maintaining Redmine is at no charge, be it self-hosting or a paid hosted version)


Redmine vs Jira: Which is the Best?

So, which project management system takes the cake in the end: Redmine or Jira?

The answer depends entirely on a person and his preferences. While some people vote for a nice-looking design, Agile techniques and they are ready to pay for Jira, others would rather go with Redmine’s better performance, intuitive interface and open-source flexibility.

But why choose if you can get the best of both PM tools with RedmineUP Cloud?

Top 5 Why RedmineUP Is the Best Solution for You

1. Agile Revolution

Ready to apply the most popular Agile practices, be it Scrum, Kanban or the mixed ones, in your Redmine? Track, prioritize, drag-and-drop tasks and appoint responsible in a couple of clicks on RedmineUP fully customizable whiteboards. Whisper it quietly, we have also added well-known Agile sprints to make your workflow even more fruitful.


2. Up-To-Date Interface

What if we say that our team has successfully combined an intuitive Redmine structure with Jira-inspired elegance? Check up our five fully responsive Redmine themes and enjoy the attractive interface.

3. Astonishing Tools Variety

Our top priority is clients’ comfort. Simplify your life with our powerful Redmine plugins designed to automate as many project stages as possible: budgeting, product support, data storing, reporting and many other exciting things on the one and only platform.

4. Easy Migration

Undoubtedly, the decision of changing the PM tool is not a piece of cake though the migration process itself can become such a dessert. Redmine experts are gladly willing to help users move all the data from other softs for free at any time. Learn more here.

5. Case-By-Case Approach

Want to get reliable IT support and forget about fixing bugs on your own and monitoring updates? Leave it to the professionals! With RedmineUP Cloud you will get not only technical and admin support but also an individual Customer Success Manager who will always be there to help in word and deed.

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The Redmine vs Jira battle is endless, so we suggest you do not waste time. Instead, bring an end to your search for the best project management solution and join RedmineUP right now with our 15-days-for-free special offer.

Customer story

Redmine works well for us, we like the platform and plugins. Whenever we missed something from Jira, we came back to one final argument - saving more than $10 000 every year.

— Andrey Lyadkov, E-Commerce Head of Development