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General Features

Complex integrations

Our plugins are tightly integrated with each other, to give you access to all information.

Multi-currency support

All plugins support multiple currencies for international business operations.

Full customization

You can adjust features, templates, workflows, fields, and design to meet your needs.

Agile Project Management

Scrum/Kanban Board

Cards with issues that you can move between the statuses and assignees with drag&drop.

Sprint Planner

Assign and re-assign issues to a particular Sprint or Backlog with drag&drop.

Story Points

Estimate a required amount of work, complexity, risk, and uncertainty associated with the task with Story Points.

Subcolumns and Swim-lanes

Set up clear vertical and horizontal categorization of Issues based on status, priority or assignee.

Work In Progress (WIP) Limits

Keep workload under control for optimal workflow with Kanban WIP metric.

CRM, Profiles and Sales

Contacts and companies

See complete information from other plugins—issues, orders, products, tickets or projects in which a given contact shows up.


Add notes and files to contacts, as well as information of a type of contact (phone, email, meeting) and tags.

Sales Opportunities

Create Deals (opportunities) and assign the probability to estimate your expected income. Track them using multiple views, from Gantt to Agile-like boards.

Send emails

You can send emails from Redmine. Attach files or related issues, notes, and add related people to in the CC.

Related Issues

See the Issues in which person is involved displayed in their profile, to know the history of correspondence and projects.

Sales Funnel

Use custom Deal statuses to create your sales pipeline and track income at every stage of it.

Customer Care and Support


Create autoresponder template using styling and macros to auto-populate data from ticket or client, and personalize your message.

Customer information

See all data from CRM—profile info, tags, background information and previous support tickets.

Ticketing System

We changed Issues into tickets and assigned with additional information you need from Helpdesk.

Reply with macros from the ticket

Create header and footer templates that include macros. They can include data such as ticket ID, name, and surname of the agent. They will automatically fill the gaps on sending your reply.

Canned Responses

For frequently asked questions, build templates with replies, to save time spent on answering them. Personalize them with macros.

Helpdesk Widget with API

With Helpdesk Widget, clients can send messages or tickets from any page—inside the Redmine or external. Displayed fields can be pre-populated.

SLA Metrics and Report

Track department performance with SLA metrics: Avg. first response time, a number of replies needed to close the ticket and ticket closing time.

Satisfaction ratings

Let clients rate your employees' answers by with happy, neutral or sad emoticon and comments. Track satisfaction with report.

Detailed reports

Track in details how much time you spend. Internally: for each product or department. Externally: for which client or project.

Over 50 000 companies from 100 countries use RedmineUP plugins, themes and services

Toshiba Inc
Compal Electronics

Billing and invoicing

Invoices based on time entries

Just select time entries and click 'create a new invoice'. Group entries by activities, users, and issues to choose which details to include.

Recurring invoices

Set up and manage recurring invoices, with automatic documents generation and sending.

Taxes and discounts

For each product or service, you can supplement added tax or discount, as well as apply different tax values for different countries.

Customizable PDF-reports

Design invoice templates and use them to generate PDF reports with any necessary information. They include public view link you can send to clients.

Invoices, bills, quotes, and estimates

Once you created an invoice, you can generate it, download and send PDF-report to your client.

Multiple units

Apart from currencies, you can add mileage (in miles or kilometers), time entries (in minutes, hours, days) quantity of products (in pieces) and custom ones.

Automatic translation

You can translate your invoice design with a single click to adjust to the different market.


Keep track of the non-time based investments made during the project for you and your client. Create drafts for negotiations, or use it for better accounting.

Relations with operations

Link your invoices with financial transactions for transparent accounting.

Manage Accounting

Multiple accounts

Assign and manage any number of accounts from one panel.

Hierarchy and categories

Set up categories to see and track payment as individual operations or as categories.

Calendar of payments

Plan your company’s finances and payments in a calendar. Accounts won’t be affected until the planned date of operation.

Relations between operations

Set relationships between individual transactions and invoices. Track different type of payments.

Operations approval

Bulk edit operations to quickly set approval or disapproval status.

Multi-currency support


List Templates

Create a public or private template for checklists for recurring use.

Default templates

Choose a default template for a single tracker or all of them and start faster.

Manage employees

Add Avatars

Add avatars and finally be able to see who is who in your organization.

Detailed user information

See all information related to the users: contact details, birthday, notes, files & issues where the person is involved.

Team Grouping

Group your employees into teams, divisions, and departments, for easy overview and permissions management.

Elastic permissions

Assign permissions to an individual user, a group of users or a department.

Notifications and reminders

Set popup notification, reminders or warnings to a particular page, group of users or all company.

Tags and filters

Use tags and filters to easier find right people and manage your human resources.

Manage products and orders

Products and order lists

See and bulk-manage lists of your products or orders with all related information, such as applied taxes and discounts.

Advanced grouping

Create categories and multi-level subcategories to group your offer in the most convenient way.

Custom order workflow

Design your order and delivery workflow with certain statuses, to process them faster.

API access

Place products list on any external sites then manage them and update inside Redmine with bulk operations. They refresh automatically everywhere.

Multi-currency support

Keep workload under control for optimal workflow with Kanban WIP metric.

Build knowledge bases

FAQ Sections

Let users post questions and answers and vote for the best one. Feature selected to keep them on top of the list.

Knowledge Bases

Build self-help repository of knowledge for your company. Users can comment by default, yet content can be locked to prevent editing.

Idea reporting sections

Users can report their ideas and each one of them can be further discussed, commented and rated.

Vote for answers

Every user can vote for the reply with thumb up or down. The best-rated answer stays on the top.

Use tags

Use tags to organize and categorize the content of your wikis, FAQs, Q&A and other sections.

Featured questions

Mark a question or answer as featured, to make it stay on the top of the list and be easier to find.

What People Say About RedmineUP

Quote mathias

Modules are simple, easy to install, and what's more use and support is just awesome! We have been using the plugins from RedmineUP for last 4 years and we're very happy with the support and upgrades we are getting from you guys

Krunal Jariwala, CEO Xcellence-IT

Quote chad

I’ve enjoyed using the RedmineUP products, they’ve been a major help in streamlining our operations to developer better quality code faster.

Louis Camassa, VP of Product SMS Masterminds

Quote chad

In Morele.net we use Redmine fo projects portfolio management and system maintenance. We use several RedmineUP's plugins: Agile, Helpdesk, People. I am very pleased with their functionality and the transparency of the user interface.

Adam Rataj, Director of Software Development Department Morele.net

Organize projects easier

Mark Major Projects

Mark projects as favorite and navigate comfortably among any number of projects.

Arrange project dashboard

See all projects in clean table card view and jump-box list in right-top corner.

Build powerful websites

WordPress-like pages

Create layouts, page templates, code snippets, menus and many more to design functional and responsive websites.

CSS, HTML, Liquid

Use combine power front-end with markup Liquid language to build modern and beautiful pages.

Reusable Snippets

Reuse the same elements, like files or code pieces to code faster and easier.

Distraction-less writing

Full-screen text editing

Edit wiki and text areas across Redmine without distractions.

Two color scheme

Use light or dark view to work comfortably by day and night.

Organize and categorize

Tag Issues

Use tags to arrange and categorize issues, as well as let your users find relevant tasks faster.

Three Display Modes

Display tags as a list or one of two versions of word cloud.

What are people saying about RedmineUP plugins?

Came out of freaking nowhere and is already the most professional-looking and crisp of the board plugins.

Joshua DeClercq
rating from redmine.org

A must have if using Redmine for customer support. REST API makes integration easy. Fast and helpful plugin support.

Carl Schmitt
rating from redmine.org

Works perfectly. Functionality is awesome! We couldn't imagine Redmine without this plugin anymore in our company.

Christoph Romer
rating from redmine.org

Best plugin for Agile, Scrum or Kanban project management.

Luis Blasco
rating from redmine.org

Very useful plugin with friendly interface and good functions to manage your customer relationships and invoices. The support from the developers is very good - fast response and professional attitude.

Plam Sim
rating from redmine.org

Simply amazing. Very recommended.

Aiyra - (aiyra.com)
rating from redmine.org