Downloading updates

Downloading plugin files or plugin updates is a fast process. You don't need to know your license number or try to find the invoice to confirm your purchase. The only thing you need to remember is e-mail address that was used during the purchasing process.

To download the plugins just make these simple steps:

Find License Manager link

Go to our site and scroll down the page till you see License Manager link in the footer. lm_link.png

Click on License Manager link.

You will see new pop-up window. pop_up.png

Enter e-mail address

It should be the e-mail address that was used during purchasing process and submit the form. The pop-up window will be closed and you will see the confirmation that e-mail was sent to your address. pop_up_email.png

Check your mailbox

You will receive the message from us. In the message you will see Go to Licenses link. email.png

Click on Go to Licenses link and download your files.

In your browser new page with License manager will be opened. You will be logged in automatically. license_manager.png


I haven't received the message on my e-mail!

Please check your Spam folder first. If there is no message in your Spam folder, please wait a bit, sometimes the delivery may take time - 20-30 minutes. If even after this time you haven't received the message, please write the message to our support team. And we will check if the message was rejected by your server and why and provide to you the proper link (or resend the message with download link to you).

I'm entering proper e-mail address but there is 422 or 403 error message.

Please write to our support teamthis case. Probably you are our old user and your license is not associated with your profile yet. We will be glad to help you.

I'm your old user. I've prolonged my license or purchased new plugin, but I can't see new license in my license manager.

Please connect with our support team in this case. This situation is not very often and usually means that you've used different e-mails for your very first purchasing, registration user and new purchasing. And the system can't recognize you properly. We will fix this situation and merge your licenses.

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