Downloading updates

Downloading plugin files or plugin updates is a fast process. You would need to have prepared license number and e-mail address used during the purchase process. If you forgot the e-mail address, but remember the license number, don't worry. Just contact us, and we will find the data in our system.

Get the link for downloading updates

So, how to get your files?

Register your account at RedmineUP

The first step is to register on our site. To do so, click on the Sign Up in the top-right corner, or use given a link. After this, go to your e-mail client and confirm submitted e-mail address. lm-12.png

Secondly, go back to the site, sign in, and click on the "Account". lm-2.png

Register your license

You will be taken to the License Manager. You can also go to RedmineUP License Manager, using this link. Third step is simple: just submit License ID and order e-mail and click 'Save' lm3.png

Download your files

Now, you'll see all purchased plugin files and updates. Click 'Download' to get the file. license_manager.png

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