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Manage all your work on one platform

  • Grant management
  • Fundraising campaigns
  • Stakeholder relations
  • Balance staff workloads
  • Get real-time reporting

Streamline and manage grant lifecycles. This chart gives you in-depth insight into the correlation between what's planned and what's being delivered


Your cloud-base whiteboard will help you easily organize user stories and arrange work the best way possible. Move tasks with drag&drop, comment, and create new tasks right on the board


Streamline communication and reporting to external users, boards, and corporate sponsors to build trust and foster better relationships


No minute will slide untracked with a simple time tracking module, advanced filtering, and reporting. Bill clients for time spent worked faster than making a cup of coffee


Charts help you make sure you are on the right track, examine breakdown between new features and bug fixes. There are Burndown, Burnup, Cumulative Flow, Velocity or Lead Time charts on board

RSP Systems
A word from a happy client

RSP Systems is a Danish company that is developing a product involving Medical Technology, software, and hardware. RedmineUP now manages all the administrative tasks like security and backup to leave our internal resources available to concentrate on core business actions

— Peter Gaarde, Head of Software Development from RSP Systems View case study

Connect IT and other teams

Create and share your schedule

With the waterfall method, the entire project is visually laid out from start to finish. Your Commander Overview of a project progress. This chart gives you in-depth insight into the correlation between what's planned and what's being delivered


Agile project management

With an Agile board it's easier to add, assign, prioritize, and track tasks. Cut time by commenting, interacting with checklists, adding tasks on the board and moving them with drag&drop. You can work according to Scrum, Kanban, or any other methodology


Track volunteer hours

The Performance tab contains the graph of working hours per day. It takes into account the length of the Employee's day, holidays, and weekends. You can enter internal and external hourly rates. The internal ones are used to calculate salary and your costs while the external ones to bill your clients


Vendor profile

Helpdesk is fully integrated with the Redmine Issues module and CRM plugin. Looking at an issue, you can findall customer information with tags, contact information, and previous customer tickets. All related contacts can be used to generate a CC list so you can send messages to them as well


RedmineUP for Nonprofit

5-minute setup. Test all the features for 15 days, no credit card required.

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Over 140 000 companies from 120 countries use RedmineUP plugins, themes and services
China-Euro Vehicle Technology
Schneider Electic

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What people are saying about RedmineUP:

Easy to use software, easy to setup and administrate. A very good project management tool for the value, I highly recommend!

Quote mathias

Anthony Mele
rating from Capterra

This platform changes the behavior of Redmine software. I am sure that we can trust Redmineup services while we are adopting Agile to our teams.

Quote mathias

Akin Ömeroğlu
rating from Capterra

RedmineUP allows to connect one application using API, this feature allows to manage project in redmine from other application.

Quote mathias

Francisco Paredes
rating from Capterra

A new way to manage projects

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