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A remote work platform to keep your team connected

  • Track progress
  • Collaborate in real-time
  • Manage workloads
  • Focus on your customers
  • Increase revenue

Kanban boards help in acquiring a better understanding of the support process, as the data is presented in actionable cards sorted into meaningful columns


Track team performance with SLA metrics: average first response time, # of replies to close the ticket, and ticket closing time. Track satisfaction with reports


Manage employees with People module. Create their profiles wirh avatars, assign to roles, group them in teams and departments, add holidays, use popup reminders


CRM plugin let you add profiles for clients and companies. Manage sales opportunities with pipelne and workflow. Add notes with files, contacts to issues


Use multiple currencies and 19 languages. Bill time entries, customize invoice design and send it as email or PDF. Track payments, accounts operations and have control over every dollar.

RSP Systems
A word from a happy client

SQL VIEW is a software company offering systems for Document and Record Management as well as Facility Management in Singaporean IT market. At the beginning of 2018 they had two goals: find a tool that would make their customer support more effective and help their IT team, by taking workload from them

— Sindy Lee, Head of Customer support at SQL VIEW Read our case study with SQL VIEW

Stay tuned and connected

Plan Roadmap and Resources

The resource chart clearly shows what tasks the employees are engaged in, how much free time they have, and who is overloaded. On the diagram, you can set time for tasks, both on a specific date and at intervals


Manage Backlogs & Track Tasks

With an Agile board it's easier to add, assign, prioritize, and track tasks. Save time by commenting, making checklists, adding tasks right on the board and moving them with drag&drop. You can work with Scrum, Kanban, or any other methodology


Measure Performance

The Performance tab contains a chart of worked hours per day. It takes into account the employee's day length, holidays, and weekends. Internal hourly rates are used for salary and cost calculation, while external ones are for billing your clients


Automate workflows & Integrate Git

Thanks to Git integration, you get full version control as if the subversion repository was hosted locally. You will be able to see the commit statistics of team members, comment on them, close issues, or even track time right from a commit message


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Easy to use software, easy to setup and administrate. A very good project management tool for the value, I highly recommend!

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Anthony Mele
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This platform changes the behavior of Redmine software. I am sure that we can trust Redmineup services while we are adopting Agile to our teams.

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Akin Ömeroğlu
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RedmineUP allows to connect one application using API, this feature allows to manage project in redmine from other application.

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Francisco Paredes
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