A simple way to manage museum projects

Manage events from planning to execution.
Never miss a deadline and stay on top of your tasks

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Convenient way to manage museum projects

  • Task Board
  • Weekly performance
  • Team Management
  • Time Tracking
  • Exhibition planning

Agile adds a customizable drag&drop task board for Scrum/Kanban projects, drag&drop version planner and 11 Agile charts, including Burn Down and Velocity.


Visualize the current status of your projects in a glimpse of an eye.
Use Burndown, Burnup, Cumulative Flow, Velocity or Lead Time chart to see the progress.


Have your team working like in a clock. Manage user roles, group people in team & departments, set permission rules, use popup notifications.


No minute will slide untracked with simple time tracking module, advanced fitering and reporting. Bill clients for hours worked faster, than making a cup of coffee.


Your Commander Overview of a project progress. This chart gives you in-depth inshight about the correlation between what's planned and what's being delivered.


Benefits of project management at museum

Increase velocity

Quickly visualize and monitor the current status and progress of your marketing project. Use it to respond to any unforeseen circumstances in your marketing process. Use charts to see current and ideal distribution of work. Agile charts with trendlines show the trend of changes in the project. It let you see and predict if the team is making enough progress with the project.


Increase collaboration

You work quicker and more visual. With Agile board it's easier to add, assign, prioritize and track assignments. Cut time by commenting, interacting with checklists, adding tasks on the board and moving them with drag&drop. You can work according to Scrum, Kanban, or any other methodology.


Measure performance

The Performance tab contains the graph of the quantity of worked hours per day. It takes into account the length of the Employee's day, holidays and weekends. You can enter internal and external hourly rates. Internal are used to calculate salary and your costs, while the external to bill your clients.


Increase customer experience

Forget about emails that get lost, by sending messages from RedmineUP, and adding reminders on the next reach out. You can see the history of communication on the contact card. To keep communication clear, attach notes and files to contacts—offers, sales documents, agreements, presentations, or any other you find relevant. You can add information by type of contact (phone, email, meeting) and tags.


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Over 140 000 companies from 120 countries use RedmineUP plugins, themes and services
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What people are saying about RedmineUP:

Easy to use software, easy to setup and administrate. A very good project management tool for the value, I highly recommend!

Quote mathias

Anthony Mele
rating from Capterra

This platform changes the behavior of Redmine software. I am sure that we can trust Redmineup services while we are adopting Agile to our teams.

Quote mathias

Akin Ömeroğlu
rating from Capterra

RedmineUP allows to connect one application using API, this feature allows to manage project in redmine from other application.

Quote mathias

Francisco Paredes
rating from Capterra

At Zitec we use RedmineUP to increase our team’s performance and track our marketing projects in each stage. With Agile boards, we can stay organised and focused on our campaign goals.

Marius Balteanu, CTO & Partner at Zitec
Over 140 000 companies from 120 countries use RedmineUP plugins, themes and services
Toshiba Inc
Deutsche Telekom

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