RedmineCRM rebrands as RedmineUP and expand offer with Redmine hosting in SaaS model. We added fully-featured Redmine environment hosted in the cloud and provided for a monthly fee in Software-as-a-Service model. .

Rebranding feature new brand name that indicates how plugins and solutions offered by RedmineUP upgrade open source platform with extended possibilities. Kirill Bezrukov- founder and CEO, emphasise that the change is from outside. All products, licenses, subscriptions, services and operations stays the same without any change.


Our name originated from the first product – Redmine CRM plugin, and it does not represent our full offer anymore. We want the customers to see us through the prism of a complete range of our products and services.

Another change is the new website, created entirely using Redmine platform and company’s CMS plugin. Design is matching latest trends in usability and user experience.

Company and it's products are well recognisable in Redmine environment. They are used by over 40.000 registered users and have been downloaded over 300.000 times. As a matter of fact, among clients there are 25 companies from Fortune 500 lists, and such well-known organisations like NASA, Samsung, Toshiba, France Telekom, Ikea, Fujitsu, Schneider Electrics and Cisco. Apart from companies, there are also NGO and universities, among which are prestigious Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Australian National University, University of Florida or University of Arizona.

What is more, the company expands into markets in Germany, France, and Russia to meet rising demand from local customers and starts with "rich in features Redmine Hosting":. It's offered in SaaS model, which enables businesses of any size to use hosted platform with extended functionalities for a monthly fee, starting at $29/month. It let companies optimise their spendings and manage business process and projects faster. As the cloud app does not require time and resources for installation and configuration, it can generate on average $2000 of savings. Data is stored on advanced and safe server infrastructure and backed up daily.

RedmineUP started with CRM plugin in 2010, being the first commercial developer of Redmine plugins.

It all started six years ago, when I wrote a plugin that solved my problems. I shared the extension at Redmine's marketplace and it quickly became popular, so I share with the community another plugin I developed. Seeing how many people find it useful, I decided to dedicate my skills and expertise to help other like me, who have chosen to manage and grow their business using open source platform.

-- recalls Kirill.

Our products first have been implemented and used internally. We are now a remote team of 10 people and still growing if you want to join our team just send us your resume and few lines about you. Most of our team members and subcontractors are spread around the globe, in Europe, Russia and US. Our main office is located in the biggest and most vibrant city in Europe: Moscow, but we serve customers from over 100 countries and very diverse industries.

Take a look at people behind the product. We also invite you to section About Us, to get to know us better.

Our team


No matter, dusk or down, we're up to help uplift your projects and bussiness. (Our favorite quiet view from office windows). tceh.jpg