Redmine Questions and Answers plugin

Create FAQ, Q&A, knowledge bases and idea reporting pages

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Featured questions

You can feature a question or answer, to make it appear on the top of the lost and be easier to find


Use tags to mark and group topics and content, as well as let your users find relevant information quicker

Voting for answers

Each user can vote for the answer with a thumb up or down. The best-rated answer will appear on the top

Easy moderation

Protect the chosen content from editing and comments, as well as feature & select the best answers for each topic

Your plugins are professional and easy-useable. We are very fond of your support and glad that your plugins are well documented and the installation process is very easy. We have thousands of tasks or issues. So your plugins are very useful for us.

Gaoming Wu, Owner of Tecsoon


Frequently Asked Questions

With the FAQ section, you will forget wasting time on replying to the same questions over and over. Teammates can post questions and answers and vote for the best one. Feature the most important or popular questions to keep them on the top of the list. Features and best-rated replies also stay on the top of the discussion


Create knowledge base

Now you can build a self-help repository of knowledge in your organization. It can be devoted to a specific department, or general information, such as onboarding new employees. By default, users can share their thoughts on the content, yet you can lock it to prevent editing and comments


Create idea reporting section

Let your employees share their innovation and improvement ideas with Ideas functionality. Users can report their ideas for development and improvement. Each one of them can be further discussed, commented and rated



Redmine 5.1 - 4.0
Ruby 3.7 - 2.0
Database SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server
OS Linux, OS X, Windows
Browsers Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and Firefox
Over 140 000 companies from 120 countries use RedmineUP plugins, themes and services
Compal Electronics
Schneider Electic
Toshiba Inc
Mitsubishi Electric




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Additional features of PRO Version

Knowledge base & Ideas

Voting for questions and answers

Questions and asnwers comments

Acceptable answers

Tags for questions

Featured and Locked questions

Different main page styles

Idea statuses