undefined local variable or method `end_tag' for ##}, @locale=#, @warnings=[], @depth=0, @partial=false, @options={:locale=>#}, @error_mode=:lax, @line_number=nil, @trim_whitespace=false>, @line_number=nil, @blank=true, @nodelist=["\r\n # Unzip it into @../plugins/@. This would result in a directory-path like:
\r\n # Install dependent ruby gems by following command:
bundle install --without development test
\r\n \t# Migrate database and copy assets by following command:
bundle exec rake redmine:plugins NAME=redmine_crm_mailchimp RAILS_ENV=production
\r\n # You now need to restart Redmine so that it shows the newly installed plugin in the list of installed plugins (\"Administration -> Plugins\").\r\n # Go to \"Administration -> Plugins -> Redmine MailChimp plugin\" and setup plugin global settings.\r\n "], @block_delimiter="endtextile"> end_tag ^^^^^^^