Redmine CMS Plugin

Powerful CMS to build pages and websites in Redmine

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How do you like our new website?
It is powered by the Redmine CMS plugin.

CMS System in Redmine

Now you can build pages right in Redmine. Landing pages, corporate pages, blogs and more.

Use HTML, CSS and Liquid

CMS plugin lets you build sites using HTML and CSS, as well as the Liquid templating language.

SEO-friendly pages

Add any fields, attributes tags or other structures that are relevant for search engines and help your pages.

Fully customizable

Create and use custom page templates, code snippets, menus and more.

Your plugins are professional and easy-useable. They meet all our needs. Also, I would like to say that we are very fond of your support. And we are glad that your plugins are well documented and the installation process is very easy. We have thousands of tasks or issues. So your plugins are very useful for us.

Gaoming Wu, Owner of Tecsoon


Build simple pages in Redmine

With the use of our platform, you can create any websites you want - from simple one-page instances to extended corporate sites. Do you want to see a good example? Our current website is fully built and managed with the CMS plugin.

Power of Liquid template language

Liquid is an open-source template language/engine created by Shopify and written using Ruby on Rails. It is used as a bridge between HTML and data, to smoothly create the frontend of the applications and websites. Click here to learn more about Liquid.

SEO-Friendly Code

Thanks to the combined power of HTML and Liquid, you can freely add any attributes or tags that are relevant for the SEO in the source code of your websites.

Reusable Snippets

Snippets are elements of the site or files containing the chunks of reusable code. They are usually used in elements that appear on more than one page or sub-page but not on all of them. A snippet can be, for example, a social link or a pagination block.


Redmine 5.1 - 4.0
Ruby 3.7 - 2.0
Database SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server
OS Linux, OS X, Windows
Browsers Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and Firefox
Over 140 000 companies from 120 countries use RedmineUP plugins, themes and services
Compal Electronics
Toshiba Inc
Mitsubishi Electric
China-Euro Vehicle Technology


Adding new menu elements
Adding new project tab