Redmine Helpdesk plugin

Advanced support ticket system in your Redmine

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SLA Metrics & Reports

Track team performance with SLA metrics: average first response time, # of replies to close the ticket, and ticket closing time

Satisfaction ratings

Let clients rate your team answers by clicking on happy, neutral, or sad emoticons and sharing comments. Track satisfaction with reports

Customizable Templates

Adjust all reply templates, autoresponders, canned replies, message templates for all Redmine or certain projects

Widget with REST API

Allow users and clients to create issues and send messages from any page. Get contextual insights with autopopulated fields

Before Helpdesk, we tried Jira, Zendesk, Freshdesk, OTRS, and Zammad. Zendesk does not support local installation. Hosted storage has privacy issues or is very expensive with control of your data. All other systems also had other issues. So we decided to use the Helpdesk plugin. Why? The price/functionality ratio is great, and the support gives fast responses with real solutions. What is more, it integrates well into Open Source infrastructure.

Gerhard Gappmeier, Executive Director Software Architecture & Development—ascolab GmbH


Customer information

Helpdesk is fully integrated with the Redmine Issues module and CRM plugin. Looking at an issue, you can see all customer information with tags, contact information, and previous customer tickets. All related contacts can be used to generate a CC list so you can send messages to them as well


Reply directly from the Issues page

Respond to the ticket right from the Issues view page with one click. The reply will use header and footer templates with macros that can include the ticket ID or name and surname of the person who answered the message


Turn issues into tickets

The Helpdesk plugin extends the functionality of the Issues List so that you can use filters to effortlessly select all customer issues as well as a particular one. Plus, you can add new fields to the Issues Table with customer information and last ticket message copy


Respond faster with autoresponders

You can create autoresponders for a customer’s first message and easily customize it with templates and styles, but that's not all. The response header and footer can be modified using customer, ticket, or user macros data


Helpdesk Widget with API

With the Helpdesk Widget, your employees and customers can send inquiries or set tickets from any page inside or outside Redmine. You can also customize the fields you want to be displayed as well as prepopulate them with content. It includes using the address of a page, status, product ID, and more


Smart workflow automation

Apply automatic email processing to sort incoming messages based on given rules and criteria. It updates the ticket fields if the conditions are met, so you can add High priority to messages with "Urgent" in their subject, or for email from a particular client. It can also move the ticket to another project if an email was sent from a particular client or domain



Redmine 5.1 - 4.0
Ruby 3.7 - 2.0
Database SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server
OS Linux, OS X, Windows
Browsers Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and Firefox

What users say about Helpdesk plugin

Great plugin! It's easy way to upgrade your Redmine up to powerfull helpdesk. Alltogether with another of the developer's plugins and Redmine's essential features I got full-value Service Desk

Sergey Norov
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Good plugin, have very nice features and is easy to use

Juan Moreno
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A must have if using Redmine for customer support. REST API makes integration easy. Fast and helpful plugin support

Carl Schmitt
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More features:

POP3/IMAP protocols
Canned responses
Productivity metrics
Custom CSS for email templates
Embeded widget with API
Reports with productivity metrics
Black-and-white list filtering
Satisfaction ratings
Auto reply with customizable templates
Send and receive attachments
CC/BCC lists

What People Say About RedmineUP

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We have over 50.000 issues and over 500 contacts in our Redmine. I like that the plugins are covering other processes as well, not only the ones related to the development process, and they are enabling various implementations or integrations. Regarding the business needs, I think that RedmineUP plugins are a good starting point.

Marius Balteanu, Head of Quality Assurance & Partner Zitec

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We have thousands of tasks or issues and your plugins are useful, professional and easy-useable. They meet all our needs. We are very fond of your support, and we are glad that your plugins are well documented and installation process is very easy.

Gaoming Wu, CEO Tecsoon

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I’ve enjoyed using the RedmineUP products, they’ve been a major help in streamlining our operations to developer better quality code faster.

Louis Camassa, VP of Product SMS Masterminds