New features in Redmine People plugin

See what's new in the latest versions of our People plugin

New Features

Calendar of working days and holidays

The calendar shows regular working days, holidays, as well as birthdays of employees. You can also turn the working days for holidays if they have been shifted. It helps for employees to be always up-to-date with current work schedule.


Work experience

For each employee, you can save his work experience. It can contain information of various position held in your company or previous workplaces. You can further use this data in filters, to find the employee with the necessary experience.


Announcements and birthdays notifications

You can configure announcements for your employees using the pop-up window which shows when they enter Redmine. Announcements can be periodic or one-time events. You can also set up notification about the current and upcoming birthdays of employees.


Managers and subordinates

For employees you can now add managers, that would have additional rights to control and edit employees data.


System users

If in your Redmine there are users who does not correspond to real people (for example Admin or user dedicated for your API), they can be now hidded in general employees list.

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