Say hello to 2014 and our freshly crafted Products plugin! After several months of developement and bug fixes we proudly present you the new plugin. .


What's inside?!


Selling products or services may be the essence of your business. Get the full control over your products and ease the pain of products' categorization with tagging.


Perhaps "Spreadsheets" is what works for you now and what you know the best. But to sustain in modern economy you must adapt. With Orders feature you can centralize tracking of your clients and be always sure the numbers are correct. Create orders in just few clicks. Stop chaotic orders tracking!

Integration with Invoices

Link products to your invoices in just one click and send receipts to your customer. Leverage on time saving to increase your profits.

Integration with Helpdesk

Your support team will thank you! Associate Helpdesk tickets with your products to get a quick grasp of which products the customer inquiry is related to.

Integration with CRM

Standard means of purchases tracking are depersonalized. You will lose the track of who bought which product with increasing selling volume. Connect products with particular people or organizations in CRM and make best offers based on your clients' preferences.

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