Redmine Circle theme

Make your Redmine modern and user-friendly with fresh flat design.



A new, open and responsive Redmine and RedmineUP plugins theme with popular flat style and fresh form elements design.

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Circle theme is compatible with the latest Redmine v2.x-3.x. It is tested in and supported by major modern browsers like Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Firefox.


  1. Download the theme
  2. Unzip it into ../public/themes/. This would result in a directory-path to application.css like:


  3. You now may need to restart Redmine so that it shows the newly installed theme in the list of available themes.
  4. Go to "Administration -> Settings" -> "Display" and select your newly created theme in the "Theme" drop-down list. Save your settings.
  5. Redmine should now be displayed using the selected theme.

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Last update (Jun 01, 2017, Version: 2.1.2)

  • Supported Redmine versions: 3.4 - 1.0
  • Multiple select2 styles
  • Margin fixes for inputs
  • Quick search select max width to 300px
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