Help & Support data is organised in sections. You can have an arbitrary amount thereof, however there are currently one of three types - FAQ, ideas and solutions.

Editing sections


Section organisation is project specific. It can be done at project Settings, Help & Support tab. You can edit, delete and rearrange current sections. To create a new one, press New section. It must have a name and belong to one of the categories. You can add a description that will appear whithin its page, as well as together with its name on the Help & Support page, depending on this setting .


A FAQ section is meant to facilitate asking and answering questions in a simple and quickly reviewable way. Multiple answers can be posted to a question. The original poster can accept a single one, thus marking the answer as accepted and the question as solved . An accepted answer will always appear on top, the rest will be sorted according to the amount of votes.


An Ideas section is a place to collect suggestions. They can be voted and are ordered accordingly. Ideas can also have statuses , similar to tickets.


A Solutions section is similar to a wiki page. It is a collection of messages and articles with useful information.

Note: Messages can be moved between sections. Just edit them and choose another one from the drop down menu.

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