Redmine Drive plugin

Store and share any files in your Redmine

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Flexible permissions

Project files and folders role-based access and global Redmine storage

Safety share files

To adding temporary access to files or folders, set an automatic expiration date

Organizable storage

Projects and folders stucture helps to keep organized all stored documents

Tags and queries

Use tags and filters to find the right files and save created queries


Projects and folders

Redmine Drive plugin allows to store files inside folders structure. Folders can be created inside projects or on global level with access permissions for all logged users


Issue attachments

Drive files attachments can be used for autoupdate file changes and optimizing disk storage. Use may not have access permissions to all Drive storage to read issue attachments


Time links

Drive files and folders sharing can be limited by specific date. In that case client can see and download files only until selected date



Redmine 4.1 - 2.6
Ruby 1.9.3, 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.6
Database SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server
OS Linux, OS X, Windows
Browsers Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and Firefox
Over 100 000 companies from 100 countries use RedmineUP plugins, themes and services
Mitsubishi Electric
Compal Electronics
Toshiba Inc
Schneider Electic




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Additional features of PRO Version

Folders sharing
Tags for files and folders
Savable queries
Time links
Live search by filename
Folder ZIP archive download
Additional table fields
Additional query filters

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What People Say About RedmineUP

Quote mathias

Modules are simple, easy to install, and what's more use and support is just awesome! We have been using the plugins from RedmineUP for last 4 years and we're very happy with the support and upgrades we are getting from you guys

Krunal Jariwala, CEO Xcellence-IT

Quote colin

We have over 50.000 issues and over 500 contacts in our Redmine. I like that the plugins are covering other processes as well, not only the ones related to the development process, and they are enabling various implementations or integrations. Regarding the business needs, I think that RedmineUP plugins are a good starting point.

Marius Balteanu, Head of Quality Assurance & Partner Zitec

Quote chad

We have thousands of tasks or issues and your plugins are useful, professional and easy-useable. They meet all our needs. We are very fond of your support, and we are glad that your plugins are well documented and installation process is very easy.

Gaoming Wu, CEO Tecsoon