New features in the Redmine Products plugin

See what's new in the latest versions of our Products plugin

New Features

Integration with Deals

Now, Deal can contain lines with the product or service description, price, quantity, taxes, and discounts in the same way as it works for invoice or orders. What is more, you can use custom fields to add additional information (like shipping costs). We have added additional filters to the Deals list, so you can select the Deals to which the lines will be added.

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Configurable fields for order lines

Each line of order/invoice can now contain custom fields. This feature makes it more convenient to store additional data, like the license number or it's expiration date. Those fields can also be used inside the custom Liquid markup template.


Calendar view for orders

Using calendar you can visualize all current and future orders. This feature makes it more convenient to plan your actions or sale incentives (like discounts to seel remaining goods). The calendar uses the same filters as regular order list.


The hierarchical directory of product' categories

Now you can divide products by the categories in hierarchical order. For example, for the online store you can create the hierarchy of categories like food ->diary products->cheeses->blue cheese-> cat. depends on the aging of cheese and so on. The hierarchical directory of categories lets you quickly sort them or generate reports.

Generating invoice based on the order

To avoid duplication of the content of the order, we have added the function of automatical generation of invoice for given order. It contains the data and fields taken from the current order. Also, the field "Order Number" is generated and filled automatically with cross-link and allows the fast access to the order page.

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