Do you often find yourself using checklists? If so, then you may notice that some checklists can be reused again and again for different issues. However, it is very annoying to add the same items over and over again. Fortunately, we’ve solved this problem. Our Checklist templates are the solution to this truly irritating problem!

Let's see what it looks like! . For example, let's imagine we are testers that need to occasionally perform a regression test of certain features.

The usual checklist looks something like:

  • check login page;
  • check page descriptions for registered and unregistered users;
  • check user's profile;
  • check something else.

Previously, when a new release was ready, you had to move a checklist from one issue to another by manually moving each string.


Creating a template instead just makes more sense!

Let's go to the Project Settings on the Checklist templates tab and click on the New Template link. Give a name to the new template and add items line by line, saving as you go. Now, go to the issue editor and simply choose the appropriate template from the dropdown list. We can see that all 4 items have been successfully added to the issue!


You may create templates for specific projects or all your projects. You may also make your templates public, enabling all your users to access and use them. You may permit certain users to add and manage templates in the same way that an admin user does. Furthermore, you may group your templates by categories to simplify the process of choosing the most appropriate template for a given situation.


We think that all of these possibilities are great! What do you think about this new feature? Try it out today and see how using checklists just got so much better!