Cubetech is an agency for digital communication based in Bern, Switzerland. I spoke with Christoph Ackerman, their CEO, about how they use Redmine in their work and how our plugins helped them achieve better results. .


The company was founded in 2012 and currently employs sixteen professionals. They offer a full bandwidth of digital communication, starting with workshops and concepts, over to human-centered design and usability/user experience, frontend and backend development of websites, web apps and e-commerce solutions, social media management, and content/search engine services.

Greg Lewsza, CMO, RedmineUP: Hello, Christoph. Thank you for finding time for the interview. My first question to you: How does Cubetech use Redmine in its work?

Christoph Ackerman, CEO, cubetech: I am using Redmine for more than ten years now, and I'm already a prominent expert in it, so Redmine became our “everyday platform.”

CRM, project management, Wiki, task management, invoices, spent time, and deals are all managed in Redmine.

We have been focusing on many platforms or SAAS over the last few years, for example, Salesforce, Jira/Confluence, and many more, but no platform fits our needs as well as our customized Redmine. Now we run version 3.4 and still use the same database as we have for more than ten years now.


What was your problem that you tried to solve with our plugins?

CRM, invoicing, and deals management, and it does a very good job. It is not a Salesforce with all the forecasting, reports, and other features, but I think your tool will become competitive in the CRM landscape.


How did you solve it? How do you use our plugins in your work?

It is fully integrated into our everyday processes. Every invoice is generated with Redmine, and the Invoices plugin. All deals are in the Deals plugin, and we are looking forward to an Outlook integration of the CRM features so that it becomes fully integrated with a modern workplace landscape.


What results do you see after implementation of the plugins?

Personally, I hate to have one hundred tools for one hundred tasks. The plugins helped us to have as few tools as possible.

And I think there is less “lost” money than in previous years without the Invoicing plugin because you can generate the invoice directly out of tickets.


What are your thoughts on our products?

christpher-cubetech-2.jpeg Christoph Ackerman, CEO I can fully recommend every plugin of RedmineUP. They save time, make Redmine a great CRM, and the team around RedmineUP is very helpful. Go give it a try. It is worth it!

Thank you, Christoph. I appreciate your time.