Do you want to know if your customers like your helpdesk and support service? Of course you do!

What company wouldn’t want that insight? Given that obvious answer, we have made this process even easier for you. You no longer need to write to every individual customer or install additional plugins or widgets to ask for and manage customer opinions. .

Now, you can easily do all of that with our Helpdesk plugin. This innovative new feature is easy to start and easy to use. You can also test it out on our demo site to get more comfortable with the functionality. To turn the feature on, download new version and go to the Administration - Helpdesk - Vote tab and turn on the voting service.


Here, you may also allow voting commenting. After enabling that service, your customers will see in every message or in issue's editor special line with possible rates. They simply need to choose one and their vote will be saved. Managing those votes is also very simple.


A new metric has been added to the issues list filters that allows you to see how many customers are satisfied with your service and how many are dissatisfied. You may also add comments to the voting as a special column of the table, allowing you to see customer comments at the same time!


Hopefully, this new functionality will allow you to make your helpdesk and support service even better! What do you think? Willing to give it a try?

[[Satisfaction Votes|How to enable Satisfaction Votes »]]