We proudly present new features of PRO Helpdesk plugin, that we've been working hard on recently. We believe that they will make managing the customer service processes easier, and let your communication be even more efficient. .

First Response SLA Report

This amazing report in a glimpse of an eye, let you track average first response time, count of replies to close the ticket and ticket closing time. The report is accessible from "Issues", in the right sidebar in the section "Helpdesk reports: First response time". You can further filter it, according to your needs. first-response-sla-report1.png

Helpdesk Widget with API

With Helpdesk Widget you can allow your employees or customers to send inquiries or set tickets straight from a widget. What is more, you can fully customize fields you want to be displayed, as well as pre-populate them with a content of your choice. It includes the possibility to copy the address of a page, status, product ID and more. You can insert it on any page - inside your Redmine system or on your page. Widget and its settings are accessible through Helpdesk Plugin settings. helpdesk-widget-view1.png

E-mail dropbox for all issues

We added an email dropbox functionality. Now for each issue, you can add notes or updates, just by writing or forwarding emails to an email dropbox assigned to a ticket. To do this, just include ticket number to an admin email address with '+' sign (for example admin+1234@example.com), and your message will be added to an indicated issue. email-dropbox-functionality1.png

Download the newest version today from a Licence Manager section in your Client Panel.