7 Advantages of Redmine as an All-in-One Project Management Tool

 |  Oct 04, 22


Why Redmine may be considered one of the best All-in-One Project Management Tools? .

In the era of project management, the demand for complex tools is still at its peak. Anyone involved in the sphere will confirm that incorporating a centralized solution greatly facilitates team work. Such services help companies to accomplish their targets in the best efficient way. But what makes Redmine different from other PM softs?

Written in the Ruby programming language, the application beats any other platform considering its significant functional capabilities. They include not only task manager features traditionally associated with PM services but numerous plugins aimed at scheduling different task stages in one place. Let’s have a look at the advantages of all-in-one Redmine that clearly demonstrate why successful entrepreneurs choose to use it.

Agile PM Tool

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One of its main benefits is, for sure, a very easy-to-use Agile plugin. Such a tool enables users to manage projects by breaking them into smaller deliverable parts. Visually placed within the Agile board, the tasks are easy to track and assign to different team members. What is more, the task tracker can be applied to any methodology, be it Kanban, Scrum or mixed ones.

The fully customizable Agile board provides project teams with a greater degree of transparency. In turn, team members become more accountable for their assigned tasks, as the service keeps each project chunk visible for everyone.

Market Veteran

Launched in 2006, Redmine still occupies a substantial niche in the market of complex PM softs. This became possible thanks to experienced specialists who keep looking for what can be improved within the service and provide clients with regular updates. The trustworthiness of the application, therefore, is proved by thousands of satisfied clients that continue using one of the best PM platforms for now.

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Upgraded Security System

The platform possesses a centralized base code, so each member of the community has free access to its facilities. At the same time, using the open source speeds up the process of finding bugs. The community experts are also able to manage user issues that results in an ethical transparent policy regarding the disclosure of information.

Nevertheless, Redmine leaders never stop seeking ways to upgrade data safety features as well as the software engineers who regularly assess clients security needs and bring them to life. All this indicates the highest level of data privacy protection provided by Redmine tools.

Handy Interface

The service is known for its practical design with a variety of free themes. Not only does this fact let users focus on the functional features but, if needed, programmer specialists are able to modify the interface according to team preferences. In case you are searching for ready-made themes that look a bit more attractive that the default ones, check our website where you’ll find five fully responsive Redmine themes created by the RedmineUP team.

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Reasonable Price

Another equally important advantage of using the platform is its cost. The service is free, but, like other PM softs, it has some paid features. Nevertheless, there is no need to hold several memberships if one service covers them all.

With a single subscription, clients save money as well as their time because they do not waste hours keeping up with ever-present new features and tariffs. Thus, in one click a member of the Redmine community gets a wide range of powerful tools to manage and control several projects at once.

Multiple Plugins

Originally conceived as an open-source task tracker, the tool may be coupled with an astonishing variety of plugins that seriously extend its functional capacity. Besides traditional task managing, role-based access control, forums and wikis, it is easily customized and adapted to various needs. And all this with a user-friendly interface!

We enlist below five, save Agile, of the best Redmine plugins. All of them you can find on RedmineUP:

1) Budgeting

The service makes it easy to develop a budget strategy for each task and control it afterwards. The plugin is capable of setting individual rates per project, per user or per task and calculating them on the platform.

2) Drive

Need storing and sharing documents within the PM team? Redmine offers a solution! Users can store files securely, organize them into folders and edit role-based access.

Redmine project management system 3.png

3) Checklists

Everyone loves writing checklists to see progress and completed tasks. The platform provides clients with such an appealing opportunity. Now it is possible to create your own checklists and interact with others on the Agile board.

Redmine project management system 4.png

4) CRM

What if we combine PM with customer relationship management? The CRM plugin makes it possible and lets the Redmine community not only control their important contacts but visualize related issues.

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Don't waste your time on Redmine maintenance. Hire experts and focus on your projects

5) Helpdesk

Coupled with the CRM plugin, this tool helps teams to collect all the feedback from their customers and send support emails. After clients get answers, they can share their comments and feedback.

Choose Your Plan

Still some doubts about Redmine? The application runs on both self-hosted and cloud interfaces giving users a freedom of choice. If you do not know how to choose between them, we have written an article on this topic. But no matter which variant you choose, Redmine will be a great solution for managing projects and fulfilling your goals.

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Customer story

I can fully recommend every plugin of RedmineUP. They save time, make Redmine a great CRM, and the team around RedmineUP is very helpful. Go give it a try. It is worth it!

— Christoph Ackerman, CEO