Installing Zenedit plugin on Linux

Our plugins are easy to install and do not change Redmine database data. However, we recommend a full backup before the installation. In common cases, it is just copying an unarchived plugin to your redmine/plugins/ folder. Some plugins, however, may require specific Ruby gems or/and database tables.

Below you will find common steps for any plugin installation (all commands should be executed from Redmine app root folder ex. /var/www/redmine, that folder contains file)

Goto Redmine's root folder

cd /var/www/redmine

Copy and unarchive plugin

cp redmine_zenedit-[version] plugins/
cd plugins
unzip redmine_zenedit-[version]

Install required gems

cd /var/www/redmine
bundle install --without development test --no-deployment

Migrate plugin's tables

bundle exec rake redmine:plugins NAME=redmine_zenedit RAILS_ENV=production

Restart Redmine app

For Phusion Passenger just touch restart.txt file

touch tmp/restart.txt

Video demonstration

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