New features in Redmine Agile plugin

See what's new in the latest versions of our Agile plugin

New Features

History of changes

To make viewing of the history of the responsible, changing the status and the percentage of tasks convenient, we added individual pages and replaced the labels for the fields with links. To go to certain page, just click on the link Status, Assignee or %Done on the issue page.

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Trendlines on the charts

Agile charts with trendlines show the trend of changes in the project. It let you see and predict if the team is making enough progress with the project.


Story Points estimation in Issues

Story Points are recommended for Agile teams that implement Scrum methodology in particular. They are used to estimate the complexity and time needed to complete the task, all combined in one productivity metric.

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Work-in-Progress Limits

One of the features of applying Kanban methodology is limiting the amount of work (issues or assignments) to increase the focus on the productivity. We added WIP functionality which informs you when you pass the limit of tasks available at the given stage and changes the color of the column depends on the number of tasks in the column.

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Adding Issues & comments straight on the Agile board

To fasten the process of creating new Issues and comments, we added the possibility to create them right on the Agile board. Together with "last comment" field visible in the issue, it is especially comfortable for smaller tasks and fast feedback

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Displaying and Editing Checklist on the Agile board

Redmine Checklists plugin is the most popular plugin in the marketplace. To fasten the work with issues that use checklists, we added the possibility to add, edit and mark tasks as "done" straight from the Agile board.


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