New features in Redmine Checklists plugin

See what's new in the latest versions of our Checklists plugin

New features

Selecting generic default templates and default templates for trackers

Now you can choose a default template for a single tracker or all of them. Then, each created issue will automatically come with a checklist formed from the selected template. You can also exclude particular templates if you assign them to a specific tracker.


History of changes

Any change made to checklist elements, including the instance of deleting an object, is recorded in the history of the task(issue). What is more, records are kept under one "task" on the list, not to multiply the marking of "done/undone."


Checklist templates

Templates allow you to save the typically used sets of tasks/items and repeat them to other issues. They can be created as "private" - visible only to a particular user, or "public" - which are available for everyone. Moreover, public templates can be available for only one project or all of them.


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