We are happy to release the newest version of CRM plugin - 3.2.0. It contains bug fixes and improved usability. -

There are few new features that we would like to show you. Now CRM shows deals workflow. You can see and edit all process, see and change statuses of the deals and see how it converts to your financial flow.

The second big update is the "Due date" and "Probability" fields finally visible by default. You can now see the due date and probabilty of closure, straight from the Deals preview page.


Going further, another change is the result of internal changes in sales-funnel logic, as now it shows only closed deals stats. You can be sure that your statistics mirrors only confirmed closed deals.


What's more, we've added ability to add a new contact directly from a deal creation page. This feature lets you fasten the process of tracking new deals and leads for your business and saves precious time from your busy day.

Go to demo to check out new Deals functionalities and let us know how you like the changes in the comments below.