Four Tips to Level Up Your Task Management

 |  Aug 23, 23


Any project is made up of tasks, like Lego. That is why knowing how to deal with the most tedious pieces is a project essential. .

In this article, we are going to learn the secrets of modern task management and find out the ways to stay on top of your workload.

With this article, you will learn the following:

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What Is Task Management?

Task management is a process that combines highly efficient tracking, equally effective managing, and performing a specific task or a set of them. In terms of project management, it covers the whole life cycle and organizes the workflow at all stages: assignment, start, finish, verification, etc.

Why is it so important? Being a significant part of the larger project scheduling, task management helps teams communicate the status of tasks and troubleshoot emerging issues. Moreover, it adds a sense of transparency to a project, as stakeholders can monitor the progress.


Nowadays, when remote work marks the digital era, it is barely possible to imagine task tracking without a special application or a software program. While tasks come in all shapes, the market also offers an astonishing variety of project management tools. They are designed to help your team make products releasable and not be deadly overloaded.

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What Makes RedmineUP a Perfect Task Manager?

With all softwares on his plate, why should one choose RedmineUP? The answer is simple: RedmineUP is a universal solution to handle error-free operations in a task-oriented yet time-efficient way.

Set issue trackers, create to-do lists. Configure field permissions, assign tasks to the team. After that, track their progress on an Agile board. To start managing your tasks right now, get a 15-day free trial from RedmineUP.


Learn from our video below how to make a default Sprint on the Agile board in Redmine via the RedmineUP Agile plugin.

Tips to Nail Your Most Tedious Tasks

Unfortunately, each team has ever faced annoying, mind-numbing tasks that still need to be completed. They drain the very life of a person and require a lot of time and resources. We have enlisted four life hacks to help manage them and stay sane.

1. Stick to the strategy

When your task pool looks like chaos, it is important to keep a cool head and elaborate a strategy. To make considerable progress, prioritize your workload. What is urgent? And what is just important? You can make a RedmineUP checklist and tackle tasks one by one. This is a great psychological trick: after success our brain releases dopamine, motivating us to do our best and complete another round.

To increase common output, do not be diffuse and practice single-tasking. It means that a person focuses on one task until he reaches a milestone, or no time is left. Thus, in less time the team achieves more.


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2. Set realistic timelines

The established deadlines should always make sense. Only with accurate time estimates can projects be delivered successfully. Still, leave some space for sudden changes. No one is safe from risks, and a good manager knows that. To be truly Agile, keep some parts of your team schedule flexible and easy to change. Keep in mind that everyone has a certain peak of productivity, so make a personal schedule for each team member.

3. Get your team talking

The team is your superpower. Working like a single organism, they multiply the wealth of your company, leading it to a huge success. So, the number one priority is to encourage team members to be sincere by creating a safe, judgment-free space.


Great collaboration is the secret of good performance. Do ensure that your colleagues share their true feelings, actively participating in common discussions. Usually, teams interchange feedback while they have sprint retrospectives. To make them fun, get inspired by our recent post!

Also, help your team set both long-term and short-term goals. It is always a good idea to step back and get another angle on the project. This way the common roadmap is getting more precise. It means that the troubleshooting process is speeding up as well.

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4. Track mental health

The golden rule: workdays should be balanced. Within the team, you work with human resources, not computers. And their capacity to operate well is very limited. To avoid burnout and fatigue, do not forget about the health needs. For example, you can mix big and small tasks while planning the individual workflows for your colleagues.

And our final tip will be making healthcare part of your corporate culture. Get a special discount for psychotherapy sessions or organize joint activities in the fresh air. Switching up significantly boosts productivity levels. Needless to say, it will definitely enhance your credibility in the team’s eyes.

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