Techcrunch columnist shares a provocative opinion about the end of this issues tracking system in current form, especially the biggest one - JIRA.

Last Sunday evening, on Techcrunch, appeared intriguing, and though-provocative article about the fact of working with issue tracking systems. As you can see from the title: Death to Jira" it is about one software platform in particular. .

The main discussion grows around the fact, that Atlassian's platform does not match the best practices of software development project management anymore. It is still just an advanced and roughly expensive issue tracking tool not backed up by anything else in its basic form. It lacks flexibility, ideas, and abilities to implement fully for example Agile methodologies.

We found this opinion, to be not only of the single individual. Recently we helped to migrate one client from JIRA to Redmine. Main reasons were that Redmine offers similar possibilities as its competitor but is free. In the case of bigger teams, the costs of license become a real burden for the organization. A case study from migration will appear soon on our blog.

The discussion arises not only around one platform but all range of ticketing systems and approach to the software projects. Is breaking the cases down into smaller chunks of work always a solution? How to track the work and progress, and not get buried into obsolescence? How to optimally manage an IT or software project? Which tool and methodology to use? Not only the opinion of Jon is interesting, but a whole discussion raised on TC below the original article as well.

We are very interested in your opinion on this topic. How to optimally manage a solution development project? How does it work in your companies? Do you prefer few tickets in the system or detailed documentation to describe a feature or a problem? Let us know in the comment section below.