Extending Redmine with Helpdesk plugin you receive a ticket system with automation. In a free webinar, we show you how it works and looks from perspective of a client, support agent and a manager. .

If your team wants a personal webinar, drop us a line at sales@redmineup.com. We're sharing a recording for this webinar below.

The scenario that was covered:

From client's perspective:
  • Sending a request from email and widget
  • Viewing ticket via a safe public link
  • Adding/Forwarding email correspondence and attachments to an existing ticket
From IT Support Agent's standpoint:
  • Collaborating to solve issues
  • Updating tickets via email and Redmine
  • Using automation: smart workflows to auto-assign issues, macros, reply templates, request from email and widget
As Manager:
  • Gain visibility on current tasks
  • Tracking team's performance
  • Using Reports to see workload and resources spent on clients/products/services
  • Settings and configurations
  • Request types configuration

Smarter work: We'll also show how to add and use knowledge bases, use drag& drop task board, charts, and reports, send a report on billables (hours, quote) and report to management.