A great feature of the Favorite projects plugin is the tagging. When you create or edit an existing project, you could set it a tag for easier filtering and accessing afterward.

Creation of a tag

To create a tag, firstly create a new project or edit an existing one. Then in the tag field, simply write the tag name. And then click on it. This will automatically create it.


Then, save the project and the tag will automatically be associated with it.


You could filter the list via this tag to find the particular project.


Note: For a more detailed guide about the filtering in the Favorite projects plugin as well as saving the query with selected filters, please check this article.

Tags cloud

The existing tags from all projects could be found in the right-side panel as a cloud appearance. The number in the brackets shows how many times the tag is being used in the projects. In the particular example of the screenshot below, the music tag is used in 2 projects, and all others are used only once.


When you click on a tag from the cloud, it automatically filters the projects with this tag and displays them. If we click on the music tag, it shows the 2 projects related to it accordingly.


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