Redmine Finance plugin

Managing your finances and accounts made simple

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Multiple accounts

You can assign and manage any number of accounts from one panel. No more separate panels, or spreadsheet-chaos. Arrange and manage with simplicity.

Multi-currency support

Every RedmineUP plugin comes with multi-currency support to smooth your international operations and accountings.

Calendar of payments

Stop keeping post-notes and excell sheest reminding you about future payments and just add them to your calendar.

Hierarchy and categories

Set up categories to see and track payment as individual operations or as categories. For example see total delegations’ expenses or just accommodation costs.

Your plugins are professional and easy-useable. They meet all our needs. Also I would like to say that we are very fond of your support. And we are glad that your plugins are well documented and installation process is very easy. We have thousands of tasks or issues. So your plugins are very useful for us.

Gaoming Wu, Owner of Tecsoon


Manage accounts, incomes and outcomes

Finance plugins let you easily see all of your incomes and outcomes and monitor assigned corporate accounts. You can manage approval or disapproval of operations. Each income or expense can be assigned to a certain stream or category, what makes keeping track of finances easy and clear.


Set relations between operations

Now you mark relationships between individual transactions and invoices. It makes tracking of certain expenses, like for example business trips' expenses easy. What is more tracking a type of payments - like cash payments- is easy, so you can see what money have been spent for.


Finance planning

Plan your company’s finances and payments in calendar. Don’t worry about the balance right now, as the accounts won’t be affected until the planned date of operation.


Easy approval processes

We enabled you to bulk edit multiple incomes or spends to quickly set approval or disapproval status.



Redmine 4.0 - 2.6
Ruby 1.9.3, 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4
Database SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server
OS Linux, OS X, Windows
Browsers Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and Firefox
Over 50 000 companies from 100 countries use RedmineUP plugins, themes and services
Schneider Electic
Deutsche Telekom
China-Euro Vehicle Technology




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PRO Version additional features

Custom fields for operations and accounts
Import/Export operations and accounts
Finance calendar for planning income and outcome
Relations between operations
Invoices and operations relation
Attachments for operations and accounts

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What People Say About RedmineUP

Quote chad

We have thousands of tasks or issues and your plugins are useful, professional and easy-useable. They meet all our needs. We are very fond of your support, and we are glad that your plugins are well documented and installation process is very easy.

Gaoming Wu, CEO Tecsoon

Quote chad

I’ve enjoyed using the RedmineUP products, they’ve been a major help in streamlining our operations to developer better quality code faster.

Louis Camassa, VP of Product SMS Masterminds

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In we use Redmine fo projects portfolio management and system maintenance. We use several RedmineUP's plugins: Agile, Helpdesk, People. I am very pleased with their functionality and the transparency of the user interface.

Adam Rataj, Director of Software Development Department