Creating finance operations

In order to create a new finance operation, go to your project and click on Finances. In the right upper corner, you will notice New operation.

finance new operation.png

After that, fill in the fields:

  • type of operation - can be income or expense
  • category
  • account
  • amount
  • date

finance new operation1.png

Also, you can check Is approved right now - the operation will not have to be approved later on.

is approved.png

The rest of the fields (like contact connected with this operation) is optional. After it's done click Save. The operation can look like the below:

finance new operation2.png

When you go to your Account now, you will notice, that still there is no money on it. It is because you have to approve the operation first. To do this, right-click on this row and choose Approve.

finance account before approve.png

finance account after approve.png

You can check all disapproved operations on the right sidebar on the Finances page:

disapproved sidebar.png

When the operation is saved, you can add additional data and documents to it. Click on Add for related operations or invoices and provide the document's ID.

related operations and invoices.png

After pressing enter, it will be added.

added relations.png

Below you will also find the Comments section. Click on Add comment and provide some text. If there is any person assigned to this operation, they will receive a notification about the comment.

Hint: If you click on Finance in the upper menu, you will access operations from all your projects. In the right sidebar, you will also notice a small summary - a list of all accounts and disapproved operations.

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