How many of you, Redmine users knows about in-depth reporting? Today we will describe you how to get a quick and comprehensive report that would help you in assessing time spent supporting each client, evaluate resources spent on deals and get detailed look into issues. .

Let's start from the most important part: this is a basic Redmine feature, that works without any extension. Using the “Spent Time” report you can see who and how much time spend on all issues in the project. To take a look, just go to the project’s ‘Overview’ tab. In the right column, you can see links to detailed info and report time. There is no need for any setup or configuration.

tt-spent-time-tasks.png By default, you can see data aggregated by all issues in total. What is more interesting you can use up to 3 levels of filtering. They can include User and type of Activity (what gives you quick overview of your employees or team members work). If you have Helpdesk and CRM plugins installed, you receive access to 2 additional categories of grouping.

From Helpdesk plugin:

  • Helpdesk Company
  • Helpdesk Contact


From CRM:

  • Deal’s Contact
  • Deal


tt-helpdesk-detailed-reporting.png The first report gives you detailed information how much time of your support specialists you spend on each client who requested help. This is a very useful feature if you bill your customers for the time devoted to their support, bug fixes or administrative tasks.

tt-crm-detailed-reporting.png The second report shows you time spent on each deal. This information summed up helps you to calculate the budget and expenses on each deal.

What’s more, if you have enabled custom company field we mentioned in the earlier post, you can go even deeper in the reporting to see time spent for example on working with different subcontractors.

Leave your feedback and suggestion in the comment section below and see you next week!