The main features of Drive plugin

Our new Drive plugin is designed to store and share files in Redmine. The main features and functionalities could be checked below.

Organizable storage in projects and folders

Projects and folders structure helps to keep organized all stored documents. Redmine Drive plugin allows storing files inside folders structure. Folders can be created inside projects or on a global level with access permissions for all logged users.


The permissions for the drive plugin for a particular user (or group of users) could be set in administration - roles, and permissions. The available options here are:


Attachments within issues

In every issue edit mode, you could find the following button option for the Drive plugin:


When you click on it, then the window with the available shared files and folders will appear. A great variety of file extensions is supported.


Drive files attachments can be used for auto-update file changes and optimizing disk storage. Users may not have access permissions to all Drive storage to read issue attachments.

Links with predefined time

Drive files and folders sharing can be limited by a specific date. In that case, the client can see and download files only until the selected date.


You can grab the newly generated link via the Copy button on the right.

Tagging and filtering

A great feature is that both files and folders could have tags related to them:


This allows you to be more productive via filtering the needed content and then saving it, so you could access it again later without filtering again:


Video demonstration of the Drive plugin

The following short video demonstration could be also checked for a better understanding of the main Drive plugin functionality:

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