Access Management

Feature description

Like for any other plugin, in order to modify permissions for Agile, you should go to Administration -> Roles and permissions. Click on a role you would like to modify, and then scroll down to the Agile and Agile backlog sections. Enable or Disable the appropriate fields.


Available roles and permissions

As you see above, you can allow certain roles to:

  • Manage public agile boards
  • View agile charts
  • Add agile boards
  • View sprints
  • View agile boards
  • Manage sprints
Agile backlog
  • View backlog
  • Manage backlog

Difference between "View backlog" and "Manage backlog" permissions

The difference between these two permissions is as follows. When the View backlog is disabled then the Backlog tab is not appearing to that user (role) at all as a tab in the Project menu.


However, if it is enabled, then, here we go, the tab is visible to us, so we could select it.


And if it is about the Manage backlog option, it allows you to save, edit and delete the queries of the backlog. Please check the screenshots below.

The Manage backlog is disabled, so the board looks like this:


And when it is enabled, the "Save" button appears:


For more information and detailed guide about saving Agile boards, Charts and Backlog, please check this guide.

Video demonstration

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