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Invoice numbers autogeneration

The invoice number is autogenerated and appears on each of the invoices. You can modify it using the macros mentioned below in the field.

Available macros

Macro Result
%%ID%% Sequential ID number
%%YEAR%% Year (e.g. 2018)
%%MONTH%% Month (e.g. 04)
%%DAY%% Date
%%DAILY_ID%% Sequential ID for the current day
%%MONTHLY_ID%% Sequential ID for the current month
%%YEARLY_ID%% Sequential ID for the current year
%%MONTHLY_PROJECT_ID%% Sequential ID for the current month within a project
%%YEARLY_PROJECT_ID%% Sequential ID for the current year within a project

E.g. yearly ID means that if during the whole year you will create 100 invoices, the first one will have ID#1 and the last one ID#100. You can also use daily ID or monthly ID - they work very similarly.

invoice number format.png

Autogenerated number can look like this:

invoice number.png

MONTHLY_PROJECT_ID and YEARLY_PROJECT_ID will be different for each project.

This example INV/%%YEAR%%%%MONTH%%%%DAY%%-%%YEARLY_PROJECT_ID%%/%%DAILY_ID%% generates numbers like this:

invoice number1.png

invoice number2.png

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