What is Redmine Invoices plugin

Invoices plugin is a full-featured online billing and invoicing system for your Redmine. Create, track and export your invoices. Bill issues' time entries or, alternatively, create invoices from scratch with your custom quantities, prices, and units of measure.

The plugin is suitable for individuals and organizations, which work closely on clients’ projects, such as freelancers, software, and service companies.

The main feature of Invoices is the ability to bill on the basis of time spent on different activities or issues for your client (e.g. design, development, documenting, support on a specific issue), where the time spent in the value, which is reported by you or your employees on each particular case using the “Log time” feature in Redmine.

There is also support for tracking expenses, which do not have time-basis nature, such as buying a license for third-party software solutions. These expenses are transparent for your client and expenses statuses (new, draft, billed, paid) allow you and your client to negotiate the necessity of these expenses for the client’s project and track the payment status for agreed operations.

Invoices plugin also allows you to take into account taxes and discounts and provides tagging system to track paid, canceled, draft, and sent invoices.

Invoices plays nicely with custom fields and has support for CSV import and export. Each invoice could be downloaded as a PDF document and sent to the client within the Redmine. You can install our “CRM” plugin for this.

If you use the Finance plugin for bookkeeping, Invoices will enhance the transparency of your operations by creating relations between operations and invoices.

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