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Invoice template variables

Every object has various attributes that can be accessed via templates. For example, to access the address attribute of the invoice contact object, use {{ }}


Attributes id, name, first_name, last_name, middle_name, company, phones, emails, primary_email, website, skype_name, birthday, age, background, job_title, is_company, tag_list, post_address
Objects contact_company, company_contacts, avatar_diskfile, notes, address


Attributes address_type, street1, street2, city, region, postcode, country_code, country, full_address, post_address


Attributes id, number, order_number, invoice_date, due_date, subject, description, subtotal, tax_groups, amount, discount, discount_rate, discount_type, is_open?, is_estimate?, is_canceled?, is_paid?, is_sent?, has_taxes?, project, status, currency
Objects contact, lines

Invoice Line

Attributes id, position, description, price, price_to_s, tax, tax_to_s, quantity, total, total_to_s


Attributes bill_info, company, representative, info, logo
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