Access management

Like for any other plugin, in order to modify permissions for CRM, you should go to Administration -> Roles and permissions. Click on a role you would like to modify, and then scroll down to Contact and Deals plugins. Check-in/check-out appropriate fields.

contacts permissions.png

deals permissions.png

As you might notice Contacts and Deals are closely connected and some Contact' permissions manage also Deals. You can allow certain roles to:


  • View contacts
  • View private contacts
  • Add contacts
  • Edit contacts
  • Manage issue relations
  • Delete contacts
  • Add notes
  • Delete notes
  • Delete own notes
  • Manage contacts
  • Import contacts
  • Export contacts and deals
  • Send mail
  • Manage public queries
  • Save queries
  • Manage deal public queries
  • Save deal queries


  • Delete deals
  • View deals
  • Edit deals
  • Add deals
  • Manage deals
  • Delete deal watchers
  • Import deals

Video demonstration

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