Email dropboxes

From version 2.0.3 there are two available drop boxes: for contacts and for deals. With drop boxes, you can post notes to contacts and deals from email.

Setup email drop boxes

Rake tasks for fetching mail:

  • redmine:email:contacts:receive_imap
  • redmine:email:contacts:receive_pop3

Gmail example

rake redmine:email:contacts:receive_imap RAILS_ENV="production" password=your_password port=993 ssl=1

Add to cron in Linux

1. Open crontab settings file
sudo crontab -e
2. Add the following line
*/10 * * * * rake -f /redmine/install/folder/Rakefile redmine:email:contacts:receive_imap RAILS_ENV="production" username=your_gmail_address password=your_password port=993 ssl=1

ВСС contacts dropbox

Then you write an email to contact just put a dropbox email address to bcc and email body will be added to contact notes

Forward contacts dropbox

This dropbox used for received emails. You receive an email from a contact and forward it to dropbox with the "From:" section in the email body and it will be added to contact notes

Personal contact and deal dropbox

This dropbox used for adding notes to defined contact or deal by ID. You should send email to dropbox with "+d" or "+c" in address

<address>+c<contact_id>@<hostname> - for contacts
<address>+d<deal_id>@<hostname> - for deals
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