How to install a particular version of the redmine_crm gem?

Complete installation guide.

This guide will show you how to install a particular redmine_crm gem. It is applicable if you would like to apply an older version of the gem or some new not officially announced version yet.

Note: If you are wondering what is the difference between the CRM plugin and the redmine_crm gem actually, then please check this guide.

To update the gem to a specific version, please do the next.


Please download the needed version from the official redmine_crm gem page or receive it via our support team (if the version is not released officially yet).


Copy the file to the Redmine directory and install gem with command:

gem install redmine_crm-[version-of-the-gem].gem
Note: An example with a specific version could be gem install redmine_crm-0.0.55.gem


Run the following command to update .lock file.

bundle update redmine_crm


Restart your Redmine or server in general.

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