Contacts and companies

In Redmine, you might come across terms like contact, company, and user. Below you will find differences:

  • Contact in Redmine is usually our customer (not a company). They don't need to have a Redmine account and can receive and send emails to you despite that
  • Company is the same as contact, but it has checkbox Company checked
  • User is anyone that has an account in Redmine

To read more, check the article about users relation.

How to add a new contact, how to import and export contacts

In order to learn about it click here


Go to Administration -> Roles and permission and edit permissions if you want to enable certain roles to manage and view contacts. There is an article about it.

Custom fields

In order to add custom fields to contacts, go to Administration -> Custom fields, Add new custom field. Choose Contacts and click next. On the next page, fill in the appropriate fields and click Save.

contact custom field.png

You can also add Company custom field to issues - it will allow adding only companies (not single contacts) to an issue. You might add a contact to the issue and at the same time associate it with the company. In order to add such a field, choose "Issues" instead of Contacts, and pick Company from the Format dropdown.

custom field edit.png

Please note, in order for the company custom field to work, you should also enable its use in project settings (Information tab, custom fields at the bottom).

Contacts tags

In order to manage tags, go to Administration -> Contacts, Tags tab. Colors cannot be changed from the Redmine interface. Also, tags depend on contacts' names.

contact tags.png

You can also set Monochrome tags, it will make all your tags grey this is the last option in the General tab.

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