Add new contact

In order to add a new contact, go to Project -> Contacts and click on New contact.

You will see some fields you will have to fill in with information.

new contact details.png

When it comes to the three last fields, here is a short description:

  • Tags - you can use tags for adding extra information about such contact (please note: right now tags are set depending on the contact's name. So for now there could be a situation when colors of tags are similar to each other)
  • Responsible - person in your team responsible for this contact (this person will be automatically assigned to all Helpdesk tickets received from this specific contact (checked by e-mail))
  • Visibility - would you like this contact to be visible publicly

You can also import contact details from vCard - this option can be found in the right sidebar, as well as import your contacts from the .csv file - just click on Import and choose the file.

import contacts.png

On the other hand, you can easily export your contacts, options for exporting can be found below the list of contacts:

export contacts.png

Of course, there are other ways to add a new contact - from ticket (deal, invoice, product, operation) editor, or from the right sidebar in the issue view.

Please note, in order to let non-administrators import/export contacts, you have to change permissions for these roles. You can do this in Administration -> Roles and permissions.

Both contacts and deals are project-related. That's why there is no way to add contact or deal from global contacts or deals pages.

Video demonstration

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