Email sending

When you go to any contact view you will notice a link Send mail. It allows to communicate with contact directly even if you don't have Helpdesk plugin installed. This feature uses standard Redmine actions to send messages.

send mail.png

When you click on this link, you will see a view similar to the below screenshot. Just provide some details of your message and send it! You can also use macros.

Please note that email text will be added as note (with type email) to the contact.

Available macros

%NAME%, %LAST_NAME%, %MIDDLE_NAME%, %FULL_NAME%, %COMPANY%, %DATE%, %[Custom field]%

send mail details.png

How to use CC and BCC

Read an article about CC and BCC in emails

How to change from address

By default it is current user address. But could be changed in field - just delete what's there and start writing new email address.

How to send an email to more than one contact

Go to contacts view, choose several contacts you would like to email, and then right click on them - you will see a small context menu with a few options. Choose send email.

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