How to notify all support agents that a new ticket has arrived?

The current guide will show you how all support agents could be notified when a new ticket arrives at the Helpdesk.


Firstly, please make sure that a group with all support agents is created. To do so, please go to Administration - Groups - New Group.



Then you have to create a new Helpdesk rule.

Note: For more information about the Helpdesk smart automation rules feature, please check this article.

Please go to Administration - Helpdesk - Email rules tab - New rule. And then create this rule:


This rule means that it is applied for all incoming messages and only for the new messages, i.e. the very initial (firstly) received messages. So, it is not applicable to the responses. And the third part of the rule is that the assignee for every new ticket will be the full list of support agents (they all will be notified).

Ticket assigned

When a new ticket is received to the Helpdesk, as expected, it is automatically assigned to the whole group of support agents.


Notification received

Then all of the support agents from the group will receive an email notification that the new ticket has come. Please check this example below of one of the agents that received:


Assign to me

The first agent who sees and picks the ticket opens it and assigns it to himself via this button.


Now, the ticket is dedicated to only this support agent and he will be responsible for solving it.


Already editing a ticket

It could be possible that more than 1 support agent could try to pick the ticket for solving. To escape this mistake, you could use the Editing by feature of the Zenedit plugin. It shows as a thumbnail in the bottom left corner if some other agent has already opened and is editing the ticket. For more information about this feature, please check the following documentation article with a video demonstration of it.

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