Smart automation rules

Automatic processing rules can change ticket attributes if certain conditions are met. For example, you can put a High priority to messages from a specific client or containing the word "urgent". Or move the ticket to another project if an email came from a particular client or domain.

To manage these rules, go to Administration -> Plugins, find Redmine Helpdesk plugin and press Configure. Go to Eamil rules tab.

To create a new one, press . First, specify whether the rule would be applied to Incoming or Outgoing messages. Each rule has two parts: Conditions (at least one, must be met for the rule to apply) and Actions (at least one, what to do in those cases).

A Condition is a check on:
  • the Message type, whether it is an initial message or a response in a chain;
  • the message's Subject, Tags, From address or Body;
  • the Contact who sent/will receive the message or the Tags threof.
An Action is a change on:
  • the ticket's Assignee, Issue status, Priority or Tags;
  • the Contact tags of the sender/receiver contact;
  • the Project this ticket belongs to.

To make changes to an already existing rule, press .

To delete a rule, press .

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