Charts and reports

Helpdesk plugin prepares three summary charts which can come in handy when gauging overall team performance and customer satisfaction. You can access them by going to the Issues page of your Project. They will be visible in the sidebar on the right under Helpdesk reports.


Use the Report time interval filter to specify the target period for the summary. You can also use the Assignee filter to summarize activity linked to a certain employee only.


First response time


This chart shows how long it takes the Helpdesk team for the initial response to a new ticket. Just assigning someone to the ticket or moving it without sending an answer will not be considered as the first response action.

  • Average first response time is the average value;
  • Average closing ticket time is the average time between ticket creation and closure;
  • Average count of responses to close is the average amount of responses before a ticket is closed;
  • Total replies shows the number of replies(within issues) sent to clients.

The busiest time of day


This is a summary of ticket activity per section of the day. It takes into account new tickets, incoming messages, and new contacts. The chart is divided into 12 sections - showing what part of the total activity took place in each 2-hour interval of the day on average.

  • New tickets is the amount of newly opened tickets;
  • New contacts is the amount of new contacts created in association with a ticket;
  • Total incoming is the number of incoming customer messages.

Customer satisfaction


This report counts the number of feedback votes received and their types. All three values will always sum up to 100%.

  • Satisfaction score calculates the percentage of the best votes(Awesome) to the whole amount of votes;
  • Total votes shows how many of the tickets received some vote from the customer.
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