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Installing on Redmine Bitnami stack

Linux Redmine Bitnami Stack

Note: Please note that before installing the Helpdesk, you have to install the Contacts (CRM) plugin first because it is required for Helpdesk to be able to work. You can use a Free (Light) version, which would be enough for the proper functioning of this plugin.

1. Go to plugins folder

$ cd /opt/redmine-[version]/apps/redmine/htdocs/plugins

2. Copy plugin there

3. Unarchive plugin

$ unzip redmine_contacts_helpdesk-[version]

4. Run use_redmine script

$ cd ../../../ (the core Redmine folder)
$ ./use_redmine
$ cd apps/redmine/htdocs

5. Install required gems

To avoid gem freezing during installation use option --no-deployment

$ bundle install --without development test --no-deployment

6. Migrate database

$ bundle exec rake redmine:plugins NAME=redmine_contacts_helpdesk RAILS_ENV=production

7. Restart Redmine application

$ sudo /opt/redmine-[version]/ restart
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